The right shield for your electric cables


Fiberglass cable television containers, also called Fibreglass Bolstered Plastic-type material cable tv trays, are a fantastic way to hold electric powered wires in difficult problems. fibreglass cable television containers are made to put up with severe, corrosive surroundings in organizations around the globe. Our fibreglass cable trays, which are designed for tough maritime and offshore situations, the oil and gas areas, and a lot more, produce high quality minimizing lifetime costs because of the long-lifespan.

What sort of fibreglass cable television containers are available?

•This is a ladder-design plate that has been created. The ladder design is effectively-ventilated and contains outstanding heat dissipation features. Great for storing different Tray cable wire connections, virtually all that are utilized in constructing electrical systems.

•When shut down, a channel-kind plate has a perforated or solid underside with area side rails as well as a cover. It really is utilized in places which can be fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, airborne dirt and dust-resistant, anti-disturbance, and mechanically damaged, for example residential complexes, offices, stores, and resorts.

What are the primary factors behind employing fibreglass cable television trays?

•Ultraviolet protection:

Fiberglass cable tv containers are Ultraviolet-tolerant, causing them to be good for outdoor usage in all of the areas.

•Reduce life-span expenses:

Fiberglass cable tv containers are very low upkeep because they do not require to get colored and you should not wear away.

•Corrosion is widely combated:

Equally polymer resins are corrosion resilient in severe, caustic commercial configurations. Both resins are proof against most acids, but our vinyl ester resin goes above and above when it comes to basic amount of resistance.


Fibreglass cable trays areappropriate for several offshore internet sites, delivering a help system for dealing with wire connections and shielding cabling from warmth, rain, and corrosive factors. They can be low-cost and extended-enduring, leading to top quality minimizing life expectancy costs. Fibreglass cable tv containers are UL accepted and give functions that make them an outstanding option for a variety of applications.

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