Me Made May 2017 Weekly Recap #2

The second week of May was super busy between work, teaching sewing classes, and gearing up for Mother’s Day. It was just constant go, go, go!

Here’s what I wore the second week of May:

***Note: I am only listing the handmade items that I wore that day and the days are going across left to right then row by row***

Day 8 // “Poppy” T-Shirt with machine embroidery (I told you it was one of my faves!)

Day 9 // “Genavieve” Tank Dress & “Eleanor” Cardigan

Day 10 // Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio

Day 11 // “Poppy” T-Shirt

Day 12 // Hudson Pants from True Bias

Day 13 // Greenwood Tank from Straight Stitch Designs

Day 14 // No handmade garments, but it was a fantastic Mother’s Day! It was absolutely perfect!!

This week was a pretty accurate look at what I usually am wearing throughout any given week. I usually just wear the same things over and over again. I will find something I am in love with and that’s it… be prepared to see it all the time! I am getting a better idea of a few things I need to make like the Ogden Cami from True Bias and some Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Files are going to be added to my sewing queue stat like!

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