Me Made May 2017 Weekly Recap #1

I am a little bit behind on my recap posts, but of course at the beginning of the week I caught a cold and have been out of commission for a few days. Anyways, now I am finally feeling somewhat better and getting some energy back, so it’s back to the daily grind and getting majorly caught up!

Here’s what I wore the first week of May:

***Note: I am only listing the handmade items that I wore that day and the days are going across left to right then row by row***

Day 1 // “Eleanor” Cardigan & “Poppy” T-shirt with machine embroidery (more on that next week and “Poppy” is a free pattern)

Day 2 // Another “Poppy” T-shirt

Day 3 // “Plum” Blouse

Day 4 // Another “Plum” Blouse

Day 5 // “Grace” Summer Cardigan & “Ashlin” Maxi Dress

Day 6 // “Olivia” Summer Skirt knit hack (you can find a post about it here)

Day 7 // “Eleanor” Cardigan

The first week of Me Made May was really heavy on KZJO’STUDIO sewing patterns, but samples often end up in heavy rotation around here. Week 2 was a lot less heavy on my patterns. Already, I learned I need to get back into sewing patterns from other designers. I have quite a list that I am working on and selfish sewing time has been rather limited lately.


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