New Additions to My Fabric Pile…

I was lucky enough to finally make it to one of my now most favorite fabric shops ever: The Confident Stitch! (Thanks, to my sister-in-law for making it happen!) and I picked up lots of fabric while I was there. The staff was awesome and I managed to find so many fabrics, it was a wonderful day.  The photo above was all the fat quarters I picked up. I am planning on using them for some of my quilty projects and maybe some pocket linings for a new pair of jeans.

I also got a few 1/2 yard & yard cuts:

The french bulldogs is going to become an “Evelyn” Clutch and the others will probably become some zippered pouches. Of course they had so many wonderful garment fabrics, I couldn’t resist picking these up:

The Cotton + Steel is going to become a “Plum” Blouse (the red floral) and the pink floral will become a “Charlotte” Tunic. The knit is going to be a “Poppy” T-shirt. I already have all the fabric pre-washed (garment fabric only) and hopefully today I can get my scissors into and start sewing.

We also stopped at another fabric shop: Vicki’s-Quilts Down Under. It was a wonderful shop filled with all sorts of great quilting cottons. Here is what I picked up there:

I am not sure what these three are going to become, quite yet anyways. But I can’t wait to get sewing that is for sure.

Here are a couple of my fabric shopping tips:

I like to walk all around the store and do a preview shop first, noting some of my top contenders along the way. This allows me to not miss anything and sort of prioritize what I want to get. A lot of times, I don’t really have a plan of what I am looking for.  I just roll with it and go with what I am gravitating towards on the given day. When I do have a plan it is usually just yardage and fabric type. Example 60″ wide knit, 1 1/2 yds.

I often take a photo of the end of the bold with the fabric info of the fabric I purchase. It has the width, fabric contents, and sometimes care instructions. Plus if you need to try and hunt down more it might be a little easier.

If you love it:

Quilting Cotton- get at least 1 yard * you can use it for binding, a ton of blocks, or even bags or pouches.

Apparel Fabric- depending on width and if I am leaning towards a top get 1 1/2 yds more if  its a directional print 2+ yards for bottoms. Of course it’s best to have an idea of a pattern in mind so you can get the right amount of yardage. If I really love something I tend to buy 3 to 4 yards.



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