The weekend that was filled with machine embroidery…

I set aside this past weekend to jump into learning how to do machine embroidery with my new sewing machine!!! (it’s a Viking Topaz 30 if your curious and I am head over heels with this machine!). I have been busy hoarding embroidery designs and knew I was going to start with some new tea towels for the kitchen. Over the weekend, my mom and I made Saturday a total craft day.  I was doing embroidery and we also had the Cricut running full speed with paper projects. Needless to say, I was in project heaven! Saturday yielded three towels and then on Sunday I made three more and a doughnut patch. *Note: I only have 11 colors of thread at the moment so everything is in browns and reds 😉

You can see that I went with a sort of beverage (mainly, coffee theme here) and a lot of these photos are in various stages of the process. I still have a stack that the stabilizer needs to be trimmed from the back. The blue lines are water soluble ink that I used to mark the center of the towels, to help me with the placement of the design.

The “Life is Short, lick the bowl” is going in my kitchen asap!

Since I have a limited color palette at the moment, I whipped up sort of a Valentine Day Doughnut Patch…

I have no idea what I am going to sew it to, but I love it! I also have an idea I hope to try with doughnut as well. All the designs are from Urban Threads: (note: I used the largest size for all of the designs, except the patch which is the smaller of the two sizes available)

My main goal is to start adding some specials touches to some of my garments and accessories. An “Evelyn” Clutch is going to be one of my first tests probably next week sometime. Overall, I really love the whole process, but since I am new to the whole thing, I thought I would share my overall pros and cons from this past weekend:


  1. After getting it started, it is really sort of “set it and forget it” until it needs thread changed or a new bobbin. I loved just checking in on it here and there. It was awesome to be able to be on the computer, doing dishes, working on other projects, or whatever while it was stitching away.
  2. It was relatively simple once I got it going and knew all the buttons to push.


  1. Clipping all the threads! I totally need new scissors
  2. Clipping all the stabilizer!!!
  3. Need a medium size hoop. I used the largest hoop and had lots of stabilizer waste.

Overall, it’s super fun and I am really enjoying it. I think the steepest learning curve is the matching the right stabilizer with the right fabric. In fact today, I am going to attempt to make a mini quilt with blocks that are embroidered. I also can’t wait to try some free standing lace!


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