Back to Work in the New Year…

today marks the official start of the my first round of 7 sessions kids sewing classes for 2017. I am super excited! My autumn classes (and my first time teaching kids) taught me a lot. I have re-vamped some of the projects and times for the new round of classes. For spring, I also added adult sewing classes (garment and quilting).

One thing is that I really love teaching and hopefully this year I will be including some new video tutorials on the site. For 2017, I am trying to find balance in my schedule and I have a rough game plan on how I am going to divide out my week. I have been super scattered between jobs and workload which unintentionally left the pattern side of things to be a lot less productive than I thought it would be. Now that I am officially trying out this new schedule by blocking out days for certain work, I am hoping to have a new pattern ready within the next couple of months.

Coming up this week on the blog, the top 5 patterns of 2016 and my make nine for 2017 (you can find out more here and here about the make nine).

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