Holiday Sewing and Crafting

Around here I am deep in project land, so much of it is for Christmas gifts which means there is hardly anything I can show off until after the holidays. I can’t wait to share all the things I have been working on. Between my Cricut pretty much running non-stop with lots of paper crafts projects and my need to tackle a sewing projects; it seems like I just keep bouncing back and forth on tons of projects and/or machines.

Plus, I got a stupid stomach virus that set me back a bit. I am still not feeling the best, but hopefully in the next couple of days I will be back to normal! There are still a few sewing projects that I need to finish, hopefully they won’t take to long since Christmas is only a week away. Nothing like a little last minute sewing…. alright, it’s probably time to get back to tackling these projects.

What are you working on last minute or are you all finished up with handmade holiday gifts?

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