Reading Archives Vol. 1… (previously known as Monday Mantras)

Quilting: Mug Rug

I am changing it up and retiring Monday Mantras. It was a wonderful blog series, however, I wanted to start sharing not only things that I am reading from around the web, but what I am reading in print format as well. I absolutely love reading, so I am constantly reading, books, magazines, blogs, etc.  Most of the things I am reading are sewing related except for most of the novels. Each week, I plan on sharing what’s on my nightstand as well as what I’ve enjoyed from the web.


I am actually pretty far behind in blog reading at the moment, so some of these are from a few weeks ago, but I only recently read them. My poor blog feed has been neglected and I am about 2 weeks behind on everything and that is way better than it was….


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