Why the radio silence around here?!

sewing-classesIt’s been super quiet here on the blog and pattern front, but has been insanely busy behind the scenes. I have been running on lots of coffee while tackling my endless to-do list in order to bring my last endeavor to light: kids sewing classes and workshops along with sewing lessons for adults. I am in week two of the kids classes and I must say that it is a blast and I really enjoy it!

My project to-do list is was pretty big in order to make this happen and my husband really helped me pull all this together in more ways than one. He listened to endless ideas, helped set everything up, built me things (like my new quilt wall) and just gave me 100% support. So big thanks to him! My parents have also been helping me out like crazy which has been fantastic, too! Thanks parentals 🙂

If your local (Twin Falls, ID or surrounding areas) and are interested in sewing classes you can find the calendar and more info here.

Another thing that is new is that I am doing the social media, newsletter, etc for our local sewing center and starting in January or February I will be working a day or two a week there.  Which is totally awesome!

All these opportunities sort of came up all at once in the best possible way, however, it left the blog and my sewing for the last while a little on the slow side of things and pretty much radio silent. Now that I am getting into a new routine I am hoping to finish up the upcoming “Jocelyn” Winter Skirt pattern (that I have had in the works for quite some time) and get it ready for testing. A bonus of having this new sewing space set up at our home is that I am hoping I will be able to get some more patterns that I have in progress finished up. It might be a little slower on the pattern front for the next little bit until I get in the groove though.

I can’t wait to share all the awesome things we are making in these classes and workshops (like a “Rosaline” out of a sweater knit, mug rugs, quilts, etc) along with new patterns and a whole lot more sewing! The blog is going to be a busy place!! Have a fantastic Tuesday 🙂

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