Weekend Sewing Plans #39


Here’s my game plan:

  1. Finish drafting a pattern, I am working on for my mixed project class. It’s a small pet bed and I am testing out my idea for my favorite furry feline, Bentley. Once, it’s worked out we will start sewing another one up week 4 of class. We are working on a bow pillow next week.
  2. Organize my scrap bin and fabric. I always like to get that accomplished before I start tackling any holiday sewing.
  3. I am also on the hunt for a bottom weight plaid. I had an idea to make an “Olivia” summer skirt for fall/winter and I just need to find the right plaid.

Well it was a productive second week of sewing classes. The photo above is a mug rug from one of my students. I love how it is turning out. Next week, she will have the binding finished up and it will be ready to rest mugs of piping hot cocoa on. The timing couldn’t be more perfect since the weather around here took a dip in temperature and is cloudy and rainy (totally my favorite type of weather!!)

Lots of things are happening this weekend which is going to make sewing time very sparse. It’s S’s school homecoming this week, so there have been lots of fun activities for that. It’s also X’s first football game of the season this weekend. Plus, it’s one of our local sewing clubs monthly meetings. October is always, always my busiest month! Somehow, I keep managing to try and cram more and more and more into one month. It’s just crazy, but a ton of fun! Have a fantastic weekend and hopefully you can fit in lots of sewing.

***This is a weekly blog series, where I share my sewing game plan for one of the days on the weekend. The projects will be shared throughout the following week on the blog.***

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