Quilt progress from over the weekend…

quilt progress 1

Every weekend I try to fit in some selfish sewing. I have such a big stack of WIPs (some go more than 5 years back) and I am really trying to finish up some of these long, over due projects.

Anyways, this is a quilt top that I have been working on here and there for several years. Now, I know this isn’t garment sewing, but after fashion school and having my son I took a little break from women’s apparel. I really got into modern quilting. It’s fun and loved that I didn’t have to be quite as perfect (I gravitate towards a lot of wonky styles of quilting). It was relaxing and a wonderful way to still be sewing, plus I have a huge stash of quilting cottons. Now I like to alternate between garment and other types of sewing like quilting or home decor, etc. Garment sewing will always be my main love, but I find that it is great to express yourself through different things and learn new skills.

This is the Single Girl quilt pattern from Denyse Schmidt. I used a totally hoarded Plume charm pack from Tula Pink for the rings. I am totally a Tula Pink fan!! It took a lot of moving things around to get all the pieces out of that charm pack, let me tell you, but I did it!

quilt progress 2

Technically, I am making the baby quilt size, but I am planning on making the sashing larger. My goal is that it will end up more of a lap quilt. There will be four rings in total. Each ring ended up being almost the same, there are few different fabrics here and there within the rings. Each full size ring takes four quarter ring blocks to make the final block. So far I have all the backgrounds cut for each quarter ring and this weekend I managed to sew 8 of the quarter rings (there are 3 more blocks underneath the finished quarter rings, top row in the photo). The sticky notes are keeping track which ring goes to the next one.

Initially, I thought that sewing the inner and outer parts of the background would be tricky, however, it seems to be the least time consuming part of the process. I used lots of steam to help press the curves after sewing.

quilt progress 3

This weekend, I am hoping to finishing sewing the background pieces to the remaining rings, square up the blocks, and sew them into the finished rings. If I am lucky maybe I will get most of the quilt top done, which would be fantastic! My goal is to try and have this quilt done by the end of August.

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