Weekend Sewing Plans #32


Here’s my game plan:

  1. Cut out another “Plum” Blouse (pattern releasing tomorrow).
  2. Work on one of my many quilt WIPs as a little change of pace.
  3. Cut off several pairs of X’s pj pants into shorts since they are no longer pants, but more like capris?!  Then hem them so they can make it through the summer.

This weekend is going to filled with a little bit of relaxing/mending type of projects. Those are always my favorite to work on after releasing a pattern. Today I am just finishing up the last minute details and prep for the pattern release tomorrow; other than that it is going to be a fairly nice weekend around the studio.

***This is a weekly blog series, where I share my sewing game plan for one of the days on the weekend. The projects will be shared throughout the following week on the blog.***

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