Monday Mantra #31


**This is a weekly blog series, where I share a quote to be my “mantra” for the week. Along with other finds from around the web that I think are fascinating, inspirational, informative, or that just caught my eye.**

–  Thinking I might need to celebrate the Kentucky Derby this year since I adore this Mint Julep Bar!

–  Over on Free Notion is an awesome tutorial on the Seat Seam Adjustment.

–  Probably going to need to add the new Morgan Boyfriend Jeans pattern from Closet Case Files to my must-get pattern list…. 🙂

– Found this post on Cupcakes and Cashmere about mapping out a successful week had some good tips/ideas that I am going to try when I start getting my week “on paper” on Sunday evenings.

I am a little behind on blog reading this week since I spent a good chunk of the weekend working in the studio. This week on the blog: “Mirabel” robe tester photos and a mini-tour of my studio space since I have re-organized it. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of “Mirabel”, the May Pattern of the Month. Have a fantastic week!


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