A Freshened Up Studio

studio1Awhile back I did a big spring cleaning in the studio. It involved lots of purging, a new layout, and a whole lot of organizing. There is still a couple of places that I need to finish up (like the closet…), but overall it is in a much better order. Now that I have been working in the studio for sometime, I wanted to share the new setup!

The photo above shows the main layout right when you walk in. I totally flip-flopped my cutting table and sewing area. I have to say I love this layout so much more plus there is lots of open space. Under the cutting table, I am storing tons of fabric in plastic tubs and other sewing notions.

studio2To the left of the cutting table is my pressing station and some random notion storage such as all my jean making supplies. One thing I always use is distilled water in my iron and steamer (it clogs up less), so I always have a gallon or two of it on hand. To the right of the cutting table is all my thread, rulers, patterns (mostly my hand drafted patterns), pattern making supplies, notions like hooks & eyes, pens, chalk, clipboards for notes, etc. Next to the dry erase board is a quilt wall (I used to do a lot more quilting than I do now) that has morphed into my spring/summer inspiration board.

studio3Here is my sewing area at the moment. I actually moved my cover-stitch machine to its own sewing table. My machine is the one towards the front, then the serger is to the right of it, and my mom’s machine is on the other side. Along the back wall you can see a giant narrow cork board which is where I store notions that can hang up like:

studio6my sewing machine needles! It’s also perfect for odds and ends along with notes for stitching lengths/settings for various projects.


My husband made me racks to store all of the patterns that I am working on (seriously he is the best ever!) I have lots of drafts on the two racks, finished patterns, assembled patterns that I need to sew up, along with basics for hand drafting.


I also have a desk area under my fall/winter wardrobe where I often write up my notes for patterns. To the left of the desk I have an area set up for taking product photos. You already have seen my current main fabric storage area, but I will share it again in case you missed it. The left side is wovens and the right side is knits/specialty fabrics. I have been busy adding some new fabrics to my stash and you will be seeing them soon in samples of upcoming patterns.

So there you have it, an updated view of where I sew and bring my patterns to life. It’s totally one of my happy places.

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