Monday Mantra #28


**This is a weekly blog series, where I share a quote to be my “mantra” for the week. Along with other finds from around the web that I think are fascinating, inspirational, informative, or that just caught my eye.**

–  Kelli’s awesome silk cami made out of fabric she designed! Totally adding something like this to my spring sewing plans.

–  Sort of digging these pastel spring  colors, not sure how I would incorporate them in my wardrobe since it isn’t the shades of colors I am usually drawn towards.

–  Adding this invisible hemming technique for knits to my must try list.

– Slightly obsessed with midi length skirts. I am going to need to draft one or lengthen an “Olivia” and add it to my sewing plans 🙂

– I need a new welcome mat and a couple of these DIYs look like they would be perfect for the summer months.

Today seemed like a breeze compared to the weekend. The weekend was spent spring cleaning my studio and re-arranging pretty much everything. It feels awesome to have it cleaned out, a new workflow, and very refreshed. I can’t wait to finish up some sewing projects, the clean out has left me feeling very inspired! I need to work on sewing up a new spring top that I cut out yesterday and finish sewing up my jeans.

Coming up this week on the blog; my new organized fabric storage, prepping for a class I am teaching locally this weekend, making plans for selfish sewing week (which starts next Monday!), and after a slight delay the “Mirabel” robe will be releasing on Friday!

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