New jeans in the works…


Last weekend, I decided to tackle not one, but two pairs of jeans (the black pair is for my mom) at the same time. I am using the Birkin Flare pattern from Baste + Gather since I really loved the fit at the through out the waist and hips. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my progress over last weekend.

Another pair of jeans as been on my agenda for quite some time and I had promised to make my mom a pair as well. So I might as well make them both at one time, right!? There has been some serious cutting and sewing time spent on both Saturday and Sunday.

To make the process simpler, I am used the same color topstitching for both pairs. I had some fun working on the back pockets, which is probably one of my favorite parts of making jeans!


For my mom’s jeans, I went with a sort of firework design that is mirror imaged. She really loves how the design turned out. For mine, I had been toying with the idea of putting my name on the back pockets. So, I just went for it! The left pocket has the K and the right pocket has the Z. Most people probably won’t even notice it because I usually wear tops that go past my back pockets, but I absolutely adore how it turned out. I used some tear away stabilizer when I was top stitching the designs on to the pockets which turned out to be fantastic.


I managed to get both pairs of jeans to the try on and double check the fit stage. I have just a few issues to work out on my pair (as seen in the above photo). I am going to hem them so that they can be cuffed just around the bottom of the calf with a wide cuff. The hips and thigh area are just the way I like them. This weekend I am  hoping to get them finished up! I can’t wait to get these finished and into rotation in my wardrobe 🙂

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