Spring/Summer 2016 Wardrobe Planning

spring summer inspriation

Last night I spent some time editing my Spring/Summer Pinterest Inspiration Board. In fashion school making “mood” boards was always an enjoyable part of the process for me. All the flipping through magazines, the tearing, cutting, and pasting your way to a physical way of showing your vision was completely up my alley.

Now, I make probably way to many Pinterest boards with all sorts of random inspiration. After some major editing, my board for this year really started to come together.

spring summer board 2016

I utilize these boards in a couple of ways. First, I often use them to guide or inspire some of my design ideas for upcoming patterns. Second, I use them to help guide my own wardrobe. From color/print pattern ideas, to silhouettes, to styling ideas, the board really helps me to narrow down ideas.

Already, in just the screenshot above I can see some patterns emerging with what I am feeling for this spring/summer season. Wide leg trousers, maxi skirts, rompers, distressed denim, lots of black, white, and denim mixed with bold prints and stripes.

Prioritizing is usually the next (and to me the hardest) step in my process. Looking at what I have (in my closet or pattern wise) vs what I want to make/design is where I really have to buckle down and make some decisions because I can’t really do it all.

How do you feel about inspiration boards… love them?  Hate them? Time suck? Do you make them and then forget about them? I would love to see yours and you can check out mine here or follow me on Pinterest here.

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