Monday Mantra #20

IMG_5768**This is a weekly blog series, where I share a quote to be my “mantra” for the week. Along with other finds from around the web that I think are fascinating, inspirational, informative, or that just caught my eye.**

–  Adding this diy Rock Candy to my must try list. I think it could be perfect for the kids for Valentine’s Day

–  Love these rhinestone clips as a good weekend afternoon project with S

–  This free pattern for a heart backpack is just way to cute!

– A simple diy for a quick Valentines wardrobe project. I might try this with a “Rosaline” dress or shirt

– I am working on changing up and getting back into a daily routine. This is a great example of some things I might try. Lemon water has been my fave until this past week lol when the coffee took back over.

– Spring is on it’s way, I am thinking of trying to incorporate some more color in my wardrobe since lately it seems like black and gray are all I am really gravitating too. This looks like a great place to start!

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