Welcome 2016!


Wow, it’s time to start another year! I will be doing a little recap post of 2015 next week, but I wanted to share my mantra or intention for 2016. This year is going to hold so many different things and pretty much the only constant is change,  I really feel that “Roll with it!” is just the thing that I need to remember and keep in mind throughout the course of the year.

To me “Roll with it!” is going to remind me to be patient, go with the flow, if things change course that’s ok, less worry, less planning, and just letting things unravel as the universe sees fit.

For the personal side of things our family will be adding a new baby in July. I need to go with the changes in my body (it’s been 8 years since I was pregnant the first time so this feels like a brand new experience), spend time with the family while we are still a group of 4, getting ready for adding and enjoying this new family member. I expect things ebbing and flowing, losing my footing and gaining it again. Adjusting, changing, less sleeping, new beginnings, it’s going to be wonderful yet trying all at the same time and I couldn’t be more excited!

For the business side of things I will still be adding as many new patterns to the shop as I can before the end of June. I am planning on taking a maternity break towards the end of July through August. I have lots of new things planned for the shop and now that (hopefully, fingers crossed) morning sickness seems to be calming down quite a lot, I might actually be able to get some things done! I expect there will be super productive days and some others where hardly anything gets accomplished. And guess what… that’s going to be okay, too! I have lists upon lists for things for the shop and blog, slowly but surely I am going to be crossing them off this year!

I don’t really have any set goals or specific projects for the year. I decided to do what I can and not set myself up to “not get enough” accomplished. This year I plan to just see where life takes me, trust in the process, and enjoy the ride.

Do you set a mantra or intention for the year? I hope your year is already off to a wonderful start!


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