An unexpected break…


I saw this quote on Instagram awhile back and it has been something that I have reflected on often since then. It seems like forever since I posted and there is a reason that I sort of just disappeared for a moment. Unfortunately, the universe had  some other plans in the works and I ended up going through a very devastating and difficult miscarriage. I have been taking time for my body to heal as well as my broken heart.

Slowly, but surely I am working myself out of this fog and am planning to start getting back into my regular routine over the course of the coming weeks. Some days are better than others and I am making it through with help of my husband, family, and friends.

I am hoping to get new patterns out in the coming months as I get back to spending time in the studio even thought it still might be a little sporadic around here for awhile. I had lots of things in the works before this unexpected turn and I am ready to start tackling those projects along with several new patterns and a few more ideas that I have been toying with for KZJO’STUDIO sewing patterns.

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