I Sewed it, Now What: Birkin Flares and a “Little” Announcement


I was so excited when I was chosen to test the Birkin Flares by Lauren over at Baste + Gather. I couldn’t believe it! Seriously, I love flares and am so glad they are back in style. I haven’t whipped up any jeans since fashion school so I was really excited to try out this pattern for a couple of reasons. I love the style of the design and the higher waist, I already knew the quality of the instructions would be awesome, and I knew I would end up with a quality pair of jeans in my handmade wardrobe.


After a quick trip to my local fabric store I settled on some stretch denim (I think it may have been mis-marked since the stretch seems a lot higher than 2%). Overall the fit is fantastic (I made a size 35 but could have sized down to a 34 because this denim is just that stretchy!) and I love how quick the jeans came together.

birkin3For an extra touch I distressed along the seams before topstitching. I also went ahead an hemmed them to wear with flats.  I did shorten them to a 32 1/2″ inseam before cutting. The only thing that I might change is to take out about an 1″ out in the up thigh to get rid of the bunching at the back of the knee. I have some short legs!


Overall, I would highly recommend this pattern, I mean seriously head over to her shop and snag a copy!

Here’s a discount code to receive $2 off the pattern: birkinrelease (in case you need even more convincing that you need this pattern in your stash!) All other patterns in Lauren’s shop are 50% off. Both promotions end at 11:59pm PST on Sunday, December 13.

There is even an expansion pack in the works 🙂 Thanks again to Lauren for letting me test this amazing pattern! I already have visions of a medium gray corduroy pair and a black pair in mind. Oh, I totally forgot to mention one other minor adjustment  to my Birkin’s:


During the testing I found out, we were expecting a new bundle of joy in July 2016! I couldn’t bare the thought of not being able to wear these for quite sometime. Luckily, I hadn’t finished the waistband, so I added a knit maternity band to the top. Even with the higher waistline with the super stretchy denim they are awesome! Already these have been put into heavy rotation in my wardrobe. I am going to try to sew up a skinny leg version and a pair of shorts (maternity style) once I get some energy back and hopefully that the morning sickness subsides!


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