Meet My New Sewing BFF: “Matilda”


I am head over heels for my new sewing BFF: “Matilda” (Viking Platinum 770) She is new to me and already as been a wonderful addition to my sewing studio. I am not going to be doing a full review of her yet! I will say that already several features are taking my sewing to the next level (I pretty sure my family and friends are sick of me talking about how awesome it is!)

This is my first higher end sewing machine (I have mostly been going through Brothers every couple of years) and I wanted a better machine that would last longer. This past weekend “Matilda” has been working hard on sewing up lots of things for the Handmade Holidays: Make it. Sew it. 2015 as well as muslins of upcoming patterns.

Here are my top observations so far:

  • The buttonholes are amazing!
  • The speed and accuracy is fantastic!
  • I love the sewing technique guide and how it sets up pretty much the perfect stitch for the fabric and desired technique (ex. medium woven then baste and your good to go!)
  • The optional feet. I already have a wishlist going for extra feet. I already picked up the edge stitch foot.
  • It sews up denim like nothing!

We are still getting to know each other and as with any new sewing machine relationship we have a few hiccups here and there, but overall, this was the absolute best choice for me! I have always wanted a Viking sewing machine (I wavered slightly on going with a Bernina), however, I just had an idea that these were the machines for me. So far so good!

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