Everyone is Unique: Fitting “Cosette”

cosette fitting

Today, I wanted to show how different “Cosette” looks on different body types. The pattern is designed to be semi-fitted and depending on your body shape it can be fitted in certain areas more than others. I strongly suggest making a muslin before diving in and cutting up your fashion fabric. This way you can make any adjustments to the pattern before cutting into the actual fabric.

So when  I was developing this pattern I had my mom also try on the same top and we took a few photos to show how different it can fit (front, back, and each side for the photos). A couple of quick notes: the size of the “Cosette” in the photos below is a size 12, my mom and I are roughly the same size (fight now I am in between a 12 and 14), and I used pleather on the side panels which even cut on the bias has very little stretch. (side note: don’t mind my crazy no-makeup, messy hair, and have been working on new patterns all day look!)


cosette fitting 1

On my mom (the lovely lady on the right) shows a really great fit and how the “Cosette” is intended to look as a semi-fitted top. On me (the left) it actually very fitted along the lower waist and hips area. (always my issue when fitting and I should grade out to a 14 at the hips to achieve the best fit for me).

Now lets take a look at the sides:

cosette fitting 2cosette fitting 4

I have a larger bust then my mom and slightly broader shoulders. So it looks a little bit different from the side view.

And here’s the back:

cosette fitting 3

For my mom it really is pretty loose along the back and could be taken in slightly and shortened just a bit  to remove that fold that’s happening in the back. For me everything is sitting pretty well, but grading out to a larger size at the hips and lengthening by an inch would really give me a fantastic fit.

“Cosette” is the wonderful pattern, that if you take the time to make a muslin and make just a few adjustments you will end up with a lovely fitting shirt that will follow the curves of your body.


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