“Evangeline” Sew-Along: Choosing the Right Size, Printing Your Pattern, & Pattern Assembly


It’s day two of the “Evangeline” Sew-Along and we want to start off by picking out the right size. You will need your bust, waist, and hip measurements to help guide you in picking the right side. This pattern is in the sizes XX-Small to XX-Large. For the example in this sew along I will be cutting and sewing up an X-Large (size 14-16). Right now I am a 12 on top and a 16 on the bottom in this pattern based on my personal measurements, however, I am just cutting a straight size X-Large for this sew-along.

This pattern has positive ease and if you are looking for a tighter fitting garment, compare your measurements to the finished garment measurements and size down as necessary for a tighter more form fitting “Evangeline”.

You will need to print off your pattern pieces at actual size (make sure scaling is not on). To make for faster assembly of your pdf pattern (keep in the portrait page orientation), cut off either the left side or right side along the outside lines (not both just pick one!) and then either the top or bottom (again not both just one). I like to do right side and top side. Whatever you choose just keep it consistent. I use a rotary paper cutter for this part. I don’t usually stack a bunch of pages since I think it makes it a little less accurate, but feel free!

pattern assembly1

This is what it will look like once you have trimmed your page:

pattern assembly2

Keep going until you have finished all of your pages.

Next you need to lay out your pieces according to the pattern layout diagram and use the numbers/letters inside the hexagons to keep them in order.

pattern assembly3

Next get your tape ready and aligns the lines and hexagons and tape:

pattern assembly4

Repeat with remaining pieces.

pattern assembly5

Here is the sleeve for “Evangeline” I like to use a highlighter to highlight the line for the desired size. Then I cut out the pattern piece. Repeat with the entire pattern.

Tomorrow, we will start cutting our “Evangeline” out of our fashion fabric. You may want to make a muslin version first using some inexpensive knit. There are several areas where you can make adjustments to customize your “Evangeline” to create the best fitting version of this midi-dress 🙂

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