Weekend Sewing Plans: #5

wsp 5

It’s been a busy week here at KZJO’STUDIO! I have been busy prepping for next week. I am going to be getting my tonsils removed and will be taking the week off. However, I have plenty of things lined up while I am gone. Several posts of lots of things that I have just finished up along with my day on a blog tour plus a ton more. This weekend is going to be all about getting things finished up by the end of Sunday. Wish me luck!

Here’s my game plan:

  1. 2 “Rosaline’s”
  2. Make at least 1 “Poppy” top for me.
  3. Get an “Olivia” cut out for fall.

I am hoping that in the next couple of weekends I will be able to get some selfish sewing in along with starting on a few Christmas gifts.

***This is a weekly blog series, where I share my sewing game plan for one of the days on the weekend. The projects will be shared throughout the following week on the blog.***

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