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eleanor printing layout instructions

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite features in my pattern instructions; The Printing Chart! This example is from the “Eleanor”Cardigan. (Note: even if there is only one variation, for example the “Grace” summer cardigan it is still included.)  All my patterns have the instructions separate from the print-at-home or copy shop file so that you have the option to print them or else just view them on your tablet or computer. The printing chart only refers to the print-at-home version.

Ok, let’s chat about the Printing Chart!

What is it?

A guide that tells you what pages to print for the specific version/pieces of the pattern that you have chosen and need to print.

Why do I include it?

This way you can only print the necessary pages for the version you are making, saving time and paper.

How does it work?

Find the style and piece and print the pages listed in the Pages to Print Column. For example: If I wanted to make a mid-thigh, long sleeve cardigan I would need to print pages; 41-50 and 16-36

Where do I find it in the instructions?

It is usually found in the first 4-6 pages of the patterns.

When would I use it?

I find it especially useful for being able to print off just the front or back bodice of a pattern and make adjustments to create another look or hack it into something else. It also saves me paper if I just print the pieces I need for the look I am going for. I don’t need to re-print the entire pattern if I am only going to me adjust the front bodice for example.

I often refer to it when I am re-printing the patterns for pattern hacks or other sizes. For me, it is a small, but helpful detail within my pattern instructions.



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