Shop Talk: 10 lessons I Have Learned From This Past Year in Business

sewing machine

  1. Patience & dedication go hand in hand- good things take time at least I keep telling myself that and doing the work pays off. I have learned to just roll with it, see where it takes you, and realize I just have to keep doing what I am doing. Create what I love, put my own spin on it, and put it out there into the universe.
  2. How much I still love taking photos! I think my photography skills are getting better and I am getting better at articulating to my “models” what I am looking for. Let’s face it, I have always been pretty bossy, so nothing new there, but when I am telling them to do something crazy or I am laying in a pile of dirt just to”get the right” shot it makes all worth while.
  3. Attempting not to over-commit or under estimate how long it takes to do certain tasks. I try to look at my calendar before saying “yes” to lots of things (I usually still do, but I ponder them just a bit longer). Making sure that things are the right fit for me and where I want to take my business are key.
  4. Social networking/ social media- I suck at this, but I am getting better! It’s probably one of my weakest links, but I just have to keep doing and trying. CoSchedule helps a ton for the social media. Instagram is my jam! Facebook is where I love to share articles I find from all over the web.
  5. How to format patterns in illustrator and get them to pdf format! Thanks Pattern Workshop (seriously amazing class, it helped me with so much of the technical part of things. The  things that I didn’t learn in school over a decade ago!)
  6. Asking for help- I am only one person and sometimes I stretch myself way to thin. Trying to manage a household, run my own business, and just being a wife, mother, friend is such a balancing act. So I have learned it’s okay to ask for help, whether with laundry, dinner, watching the kiddos, or even cutting and taping stacks of patterns together-my husband really loves me!
  7. Details are what makes me happy, but are also the things I love to get hung up on. Prioritizing has become one of daily things, focusing to get each task done, realizing that it’s never going to be absolutely perfect, but it can be close!
  8. The support of family and friends- It gives me the drive to keep going and to keep pursuing this dream of mine. They give me the pep talks when I need them, they listen to every. single. crazy. idea. that I come up with. They model for me, fabric shop with me, listen to me say the same thing for the 80 billionth time and they still want to talk and hang out with me…!?
  9. Go with the ideas- I run with them, some flop, some are awesome, some are just so-so, but hey at least I tried. Brainstorming is always a great thing. Evernote keeps my idea lists in check. Now if I could add a few extra hours to the day to get more of them done, we would be talking!
  10. Have fun! I am living my “dream” right now. Some days are amazing, others are rough, some are crazy stressed, but each is just a phase, each day I learn something new, and each challenge helps me to grow and evolve. I am teaching my children that if they can dream it, work hard at it, keep going that they can do it, and not be afraid to try even if it might not work out. I try to keep things in perspective and just have fun and enjoy where this journey takes me.

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