Plaid Dress “Rosaline”

plaid rosaline 1

This is one of those WIPs that I have had in the works since March. I had an idea to make a “Rosaline” dress out of some wool plaid that I had in my stash. I was thinking of a sort of a playful, winter mini-dress (sort of 60’s-ish, mod, etc.) that could be paired with boots and thick tights. It was an experiment for sure, I love the results, but there are a couple changes I would make if I did it again. Even though “Rosaline” is designed for knits, I wanted to experiment with wovens, hence the many adjustments needed. Hacking your own patterns is always a blast!
plaid rosline 3

My pal is rocking this one for me and I did make a last minute adjustment to the center back so it would fit her better (hence why the back plaid is not all lined up). I would technically call this a wearable muslin, so win-win!

Here’s what I did:

“Rosaline” in the dress length, scoop neckline, and short sleeve. I cut an X-large, added an invisible zipper at the side. Construction wise everything was pretty much the same as the regular instructions besides adding the invisible zipper at the side. The wool doesn’t have much stretch and I didn’t line it. *I figured I would wear a tank and leggings or think tights underneath.

plaid rosaline 2

Here’s what I would do differently:

Cut a smaller size and add the extra to the center front and back pivoting from the neck point (that way the shoulders would stay the right size), flare the sleeves some (it is quite tight), add just a little length to the dress, and possibly line it.

plaid rosaline 4

Overall, I love how it turned out and I think it will translate well from fall into winter as well as being nice and warm. It’s great to step out the box every once in awhile and think of patterns in different ways. What do you think, would you try taking a knit pattern and trying it with a woven?

Don’t forget you can still grab a copy of “Rosaline” on sale through the end of the month!


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