“Olivia” Knit Maxi Skirt Pattern Hack

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It’s the Fall Pattern Showcase this past month over on Free Notion and I signed up as soon as I saw the call for the pants and skirt week! I have been wanting to do a pattern hack on my “Olivia” skirt pattern and thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

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I really enjoy a good maxi skirt and wanted to try and add a couple to my fall wardrobe. This was my trial run and it turned out just about right plus it is really comfy! The 6 panels give it just enough extra detailing as well as some nice drape at the bottom.

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I really decided to change up the “Olivia” pattern and I started by lengthening each panel 14″ to get to the length that I wanted. Since “Olivia” is written for wovens, I decided to try it in a knit. I went with a grey jersey I had ordered from fabric.com that has been in my stash for a little while (attempting to break my addiction to black knit!). I omitted the side zipper and added 2″ elastic to the waist. (I made a size 16 since I have some hips and I wanted the rise a little bit lower, otherwise I good have easily went with a size 14)  A break down of the how-to is at the end of the post. 

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Overall, I love the way it looks and I plan on making a woven version for the holidays out of a sateen or some really awesome fabric with some sort of tone on tone print in a much evergreen or black. *I threw on my favorite “Eleanor” Cardigan that I am sure everyone is sick of seeing, but I just love how it goes with so many things!

If you want to make your own version of the “Olivia” Knit Maxi Hack:

olivia knit maxi step1

Start by using a ruler to measure from your waist to the floor. I then used the finished garment measurements subtracted from that measurement to get my length that I needed to add. In my case 14″.

Then I cut along the shorten and lengthen line of one of the skirt panels. I drew a horizontal line on a piece of large butcher paper followed by a long vertical line to act as my grainline this way I can easily match up the pieces. I taped the top half to the horizontal line matching the grainline.

olivia knit maxi step2

Next measure down the 14″ (or what ever your desired measurement is) and mark with another horizontal line.

Tape the bottom piece of the skirt panel along the horizontal line you just drew matching the grainlines.

olivia knit maxi step3

Using a yardstick line up the bottom corner of the top skirt piece to the bottom corner of the bottom piece and redraw your line.

Repeat on the other side and cut out your new pattern piece.

Repeat the lengthening process with the rest of the skirt panels.

Sew your panels together as the instructions state omitting the side zipper and instead sewing all the way up the side panels. *use a sticky note with a pin or a safety pin to mark the center front skirt panel

olivia knit maxi step4

To attach the waistband you will need to sew the front and back waistbands right sides together. One on the left side edge and one on the right side edge. When you open them up you should have something that look like the photo above. *I used safety pins to mark the front waistband.

Next, place the waist bands right sides together aligning the top edge. Sew along the top edge. Open the waistband and place the front and back edges together sew the edge that is unfinished. The bottom edge of the waistband should be left open.

olivia knit maxi step5

Turn your skirt right side out. Place your waistband, right sides together on top of your skirt aligning the raw edges and side seams. Use pins to help keep your waistband and skirt lined up. Starting at the seam on the center back skirt panel start sewing the waistband and skirt (make sure to catch all three layers) stretching slightly as you go. Stop sewing 4″ before your starting point.

Take a 2″ wide piece of elastic and place it around you so that it is snug overlapping the ends at least 1″ Feed the elastic through the waistband casing making sure not to twist the elastic.

Once the elastic is all the way around, overlap the elastic and sew with a zig-zag stitch to secure the elastic. Sew the waistband opening closed (again making sure to catch all three layers. Hem your skirt and your ready to go!


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