Monday Mantra #8


**This is a weekly blog series, where I share a quote to be my “mantra” for the week. Along with other finds from around the web that I think are fascinating, inspirational, informative, or that just caught my eye.**

–  Love these fun socks for boots. Hello, fall!

–  In case you didn’t know How to Shorten a Zipper, Allie over on IndieSew shows you how!

–  Great tips for working with sweater knits (since it is that time of year in the northern hemisphere)

– Love this behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be a designer at NYFW (which was totally my dream back when I was young and in fashion school. It was and still is one my dream bucket list!)

Fall sale on select patterns in the shop unit the end of tomorrow. 🙂

– I am really falling for denim this year and the denim on denim trend

– Love this… now I have an excuse for always talking to myself 😉


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