Weekend Sewing Plans: #3

weekend sewing3

This week I have been pretty much staring at the computer screen. Between working on new patterns, getting all of the anniversary things ready, and patterns in pattern testing things have been nothing short of crazy around here. I am  trying to cram in so many things before I have my tonsils removed in a few short weeks and I probably over-did/over-commited to things. But I guess that’s just how I roll!

Anyways, I am way behind on work sewing, go figure!

  1. I need to finish up 3 secret projects!
  2. Make at least 2-3 “Poppy” tops.
  3. Another “Cosette” and “Evangeline” are on my list as well (just a quick heads up “Evangeline” and “Cosette” will be released at the end of the first week of September. Sorry for the delay! I just want to make it the best that I can before they are released 🙂 I hope you understand.

Alright, it looks like I am going to be a busy lady trading the computer for the sewing machine this weekend. Which is exactly where I love to be! Plus I am going to spend at least a few hours just hanging out with my husband and the kiddos. Have a wonderful weekend!

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