Weekend Sewing Plans: #1

weekend sewing

One of my goals for the year was to incorporate more “selfish sewing” into my life. My work week as been overhauled and now I have specific “sewing days” and “computer days”. Due to the fact that it’s still summer break for the kids, I haven’t stuck to the schedule perfectly, but the kids will be heading back to school next week and my new schedule will be in full effect. Already, I have noticed that I am feeling less pulled in multiple directions throughout  the course of the day and overall I am getting more done during my work days. Less stress + more done = a total win! Next week will be the first full week of sticking to it minus a few appointments.

The new workflow leaves Saturday and Sunday open. I like to leave one day as a family day or non work day just to keep me sane and recharge. I know that some weekends I will have overflow sewing from the work week, but I am trying to use the remaining weekend day to do a little selfish sewing or crafting. There are always so many projects that I have on my “wish-I-had-time-to-make-that” list, that I decided the only way to make it happen was to be proactive, add the time in my week for it, and prioritize.

Here’s my game plan for Saturday:

  1. 2 “Eleanors”  (for work)
  2. Greenwood tank
  3. Workout leggings

What’s on your sewing agenda for the weekend?

***This is a weekly blog series, where I share my sewing game plan for one of the days on the weekend. The projects will be shared throughout the following week on the blog.***

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