Q & A #1

Here’s my first Q & A video that I filmed last week!

Don’t mind my mid-sentence look right there, not sure why when I exported it, iMovie decided that was the best one for the main slide… hmm. Anyways, I still have a ways to go on shooting these videos, but it’s a good start for the first one. I have big plans for the YouTube channel in the upcoming months: tutorials, styling videos, sew-alongs, fitting and pattern adjustments, etc. Also, a big shout out to kzjostudio mom (aka my mom) for helping me shoot this video.


P.S. The background in the video is a city I illustrated and is hanging on the wall by my desk. I am continually adding to it. 🙂  Also, head over to YouTube to subscribe to my channel.  If you have a question you would love to ask for a future episode, find the form here.

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