Tween/Teen Styling of “Grace”


After making my lace version of “Grace” my lovely step-daughter, S, wanted one of her own. She had an idea in her head of exactly how she wanted her “Grace” to be. The main must-have was that it had to be long! So we went to the store and  picked up some more of the fabric that I used for mine because for once I did not by extra, go figure!


Off we went to work on her “Grace” on Fourth of July so she could wear it to the fireworks. I taught her how to cut it out and she stayed next to me while I used the serger to sew it together. I would have let her sew some of it up, but this fabric was a little tricky to work with and needed to be slightly stretched as you sewed. It was a great project to work on together. 🙂


We cut out a XX-Small and it has no alterations. It’s a little on the larger size for her, but she adores it! The length and fabric really reminds me of a bohemian/free people kind of style. We have plans to make another one, but I am going to shorten it a little bit just to change it up a little.

S styled this outfit herself (so cute!) and we both thought it would be fun for her to share her tween styling versions here on the blog. Look forward to more tween/teen styling of the patterns in the coming months!

Also, here we are on Fourth of July, in our “Grace” Cardigans right after we finished sewing her’s up!

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