Getting back into the daily routine…

back into the routineWow, the wedding day has come and went! It was amazing to see so many of my family and close friends come out for the event. It was more than I could have even hoped for 🙂

After taking a few days off to spend some time with family and start winding down from the wedding whirlwind, I am getting back into a semi-normal routine for the next couple of weeks. Once the kids head back to school, it will be back to my normal routine.

One thing that I have been struggling with is my all over the place tasks. So I am going to be striving to implement some new work ideas/systems that will hopefully help me to focus better, be more efficient,  and in the end get patterns out to you faster. I am working on finalizing “Olivia” and am already hard at work on the fall collection of patterns 🙂

**By the way, I will be filming my first q & a for my youtube channel this week. If you have any questions for me that you would like to have answered let me know in the comments.**

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