June Handmade Wardrobe Goals

june handmade wardrobe goals

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already two days into June! I have a feeling that this summer is just going to fly by. Thursday is officially the start of summer around here since both kiddos will be out of school (one has already been done with school for a little over a week). Of course with that comes a new summer routine for the next couple of months (at least until August) and probably a lot more adventures and a little less sewing just for me.

First of all, I am busy working on my new patterns which (fingers crossed) will be released towards the end of June. I have set a really ambitious goal with the amount of new patterns this go around. Since so much of it is behind the scenes at the moment, I am managing to add several new pieces to my handmade wardrobe which will be revealed at the end of the month in the June recap, however, there are a couple of things I still want make just for fun.

To make list:

I won’t be adding any more patterns to my collection this month, at least I don’t think I will be, but you never know 😉

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