From the Sewing Studio Sessions: Favorite Sewing Books/Magazines

favorites in the sewing libraryOk, so I collect books and magazines like they are going out of style. I just cannot get enough of the written word and of course the visuals in magazines…. in fact I have magazines and books stacked all over my house, tucked into corners,  and it takes me forever to toss certain magazines out. I constantly return to them for referencing recipes, inspiration, decorating ideas, projects, etc. I am just such a reader/ hoarder, um, I mean collector that it’s just part of who I am.

Anyways, over time I have created lots of mini collections within my ever growing library including the Sewing section. I thought it would be awesome to share the books/magazines that I am constantly turning towards during the pattern development and sewing process.

First up my favorites from Fashion School:

most loved from fashion school1// Patternmaking for Fashion Design 3rd Edition by Helen Joesph-Armstrong (you can get the 5th edition along with the older ones on Amazon)

This is the book that I am constantly utilizing when I am drafting patterns, it was a college textbook and contains a million notes in the margins. It is extremely well loved and filled with sticky notes. Eventually, I hope to get a newer edition for my library.

2// Fabric Savvy by Sandra Betzina

I think this is one of my favorite investments due to the fact that is filled with all kinds of good information about fabrics such as the perfect needle to use, how it drapes, best techniques, hem finishes, garment guidelines, and care instructions for many different substrates. They are probably more up-to-date versions of different fabrics books, I just haven’t gotten my hands on them.. yet 😉

3// Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing (you can also find a more current edition here)

This book is packed with so many useful things and is illustrated along with color photos for many things. It is technique packed and I often use it to referencing different hemming techniques and different applications for pockets to name just a few. For me it is like a big glossary of sewing info that I still refer to quite often.

Next up my favorite sewing magazine:

threads magazines

4// Threads Magazine

Hands down this one is always filled with so many techniques, tips, fitting adjustments, etc. It is one of the magazines I can’t wait for it to arrive in my mailbox. The issues are constantly dog-earred with all the things I want to try or look up for later,

Another place that I have found some gems are at our local thrift shops, here are a few of my most loved:

favorite thrift store finds5// Sew Lingerie: It’s easy here’s how by Kerstin Martensson

Even though it’s from 1970 it still has lots of great tips and techniques. You can actually find it on Amazon and also have this lingerie book that I also picked up at the thrift store. My mom is actually an amazing lingerie sewist, so picking her brain is always a smart idea!

6// The Vogue Sewing Book of Fitting, Adjustments & Alterations

Also from the 1970s I just enjoy reading through this and every now and then I pick up some good tips for fitting something that I just might not have thought of.

7// Sew Knits and Stretch Fabric: It’s easy here’s how

Another one that has a few nuggets of good tips scattered throughout it’s worn pages. It’s from the same author as #5. It’s a good flip through kind of book.

And that really sums up my most used list of books at the moment, however, I am constantly adding to my collection. What are some of your favorite sewing books? Any suggestions for what I should add next into my bookshelf?


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