All About the “Charlotte” Tunic & Pattern Tester Photo Round-up

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“Charlotte” was an idea I have had in my head for sometime. I have always believed one should look amazing from the front, but should leave a lasting impression when walking away! Be memorable!

I love back details and I enjoy thinking of ways to add them to my designs.  What looks pretty with simple lines from the front could be a whole other story on the back:


The “Charlotte” tunic for me, fits that crazy life motto to a “T”! With the tunic length and back yoke detail this is an ideal summer top to bare your sunkissed shoulders in.  It can be sewn up in a variety of fabrics, I find wovens are ideal, but stable knits could work as well.

Charlotte Technicals

“Charlotte” features a size range of 0-18 and is in the intermediate sewing level. **It’s actually a fairly easy sew, but the bias facing and bias tape applications can be a little tricker, so it’s best if you had a couple of sewing projects under your belt. There are also shorten and lengthen spots on each bodice piece which will allow you to customize the length. I recommend making a muslin of the bodice pieces to check for fit before moving on to your fashion fabric.

My pattern testers hit it out of the park with this pattern. There as also been a lot of talk of some amazing pattern hacks, maxi dresses, dresses, and even crop tops! I can’t wait to see more of the “Charlotte’s” pop up around the web.

My first pattern tester, Andreia from In a Manner of Sewing made a version that is bound to keep one cool in during the heat of the summer! I am completely in love with her fabric choice!

charlotte ancharlotte an2

I love when “Charlotte” is tucked in, in the front! That is probably my favorite way of styling it, in fact when I designed the top that is how I sketched it out. Cat’s version is lovely, the print of her fabric is fantastic, and I think goes really well with her dark denim.

charlotte catcharlotte cat2

Let me just start by saying, Melissa from Rebel & Malice managed to squeeze hers out of just one yard of Cotton + Steel and it rocks! I am totally jealous!! The back yoke fits just wonderfully, and this fabric is going on my wish list!

charlotte melissacharlotte melissa2

Yesterday, you sort of saw a sneak peek of Amiee from Capture, Cook, and Craft since she also tested the “Grace” summer cardigan and has made a great outfit out of the two. The print on her fabric really gives “Charlotte” a whole different vibe. The colors and print feel like a summer vacation in the making.

charlotte amieecharlotte amiee 2

It’s a little hard to see in the photos below, but Lien from Over the Heels and Far Away chose a yellow fabric with blue anchors on it! Lien also styled it in two different ways which I thought was fantastic. It was also her first time making her own bias tape and she did a wonderful job 🙂

charlotte liencharlotte lien2

Last but definitely not least, Alicia from For Who It’s For choose to showcase a large scale print for her version. I think one of the best ideas that Alicia thought of was to use lace for the straps in place of the bias tape. So creative!

charlotte aliciacharlotte alicia2

These ladies really did a wonderful job on this pattern, I can’t thank them enough!

“Charlotte” is still on sale until June 30th and later today I will be announcing the sew-along dates. 🙂

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