The Beginning of Another Week

katarina sewingIt has been a little quiet over here on the blog, so you know what that means…. I am working on several new patterns for a collection that will be releasing toward the end of next month!

I have so much sewing to do that I even created a little sewing space in my room with one of my backup sewing machines. Katarina and I have been through “sew” much. She is the machine that I used when I was in fashion school and she has made so many things including a wedding dress for my senior project:

senior project


Katarina (yes, I am totally the crazy lady who names all of my sewing machines) is going to be busy helping get the rest of the patterns ready to go and sew up samples for upcoming photo shoots.

After, I finish up a few more samples and make a few adjustments to the patterns pieces, I will be putting out a testing call, so be on the lookout for that if your interested in doing a little pattern testing. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I will be sharing lots of sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook of the new collection as it continues to come to life.  Alright back to work I go, writing up the  pattern instructions and getting some technical illustrations done.

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