New fabric headed to the washing machine… 


A quick trip to the fabric store this afternoon to pick up some jersey knit for one more sample of an upcoming pattern before I start grading it, led to this awesome floral find! Plus as an added bonus my husband likes it which is always a win in my book. (The cream vinyl is for another sample that’s in the works.) The 3 yards of knit is headed to the washing machine after I finish up the mountain of laundry that has accumulated this week. 

I am a huge fan of pre-washing and tend to pre-wash almost all the time unless the fabric is dry clean only or for any quilts that I want to have the crinkle up factor. 

For my patterns, I recommend pre-washing your fabric as you plan on laundering it after you finish your garment especially knits because they tend to shrink quite a bit. I also add a little bit to the yardage requirements to account for shrinkage so you won’t be short. (I have run into this a few times where after washing the fabric has shrunk up enough that I couldn’t fit the pattern on it, which is a total bummer!) 

So, here’s the thing are you a pre-washer or do you just dive right into your project? Just curious about your thoughts on the subject 🙂 

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