From the Sewing Studio Sessions: My most loved & used tools

studio toolsFor the first edition of “From the Sewing Studio Sessions”, I thought it would be the perfect time to cover the small list of tools that I reach for over and over in my studio. (Excluding my sewing machines) The tools are ones I reach for again and again. They also make my designing, pattern making, and  sewing go smoother.

  • The pattern notcher is a must! I use it all the time for notching patterns and fabrics. I have had mine for over 12 years and it still works great.
  • Pattern hooks keep all my pattern foundations, drafts, and final patterns organized and ready for sewing.
  • Pins (I prefer steel pins for most things, but I keep a variety on hand especially in different lengths)
  • Professional dress form like this one is a great investment if you plan on sewing a lot of garments
  • For quickly cutting threads I love this style of thread clippers

Those would be my top 5, but cutting mats, my spring loaded scissors, sticky notes, tailor’s chalk, pincushions, and sharpies are right up there as well.

What are some of your must have tools?

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