April Handmade Wardrobe Goals

april handmade goalsTo make list:

Patterns to add to my collection:

This month, I am going to be spending most of my time in the studio working hard on new patterns and sewing up a storm! For the next round of patterns, I am going to be releasing them as more of a collection, so stayed tuned for that. (They will be awesome additions for the hot summer days!) Last month, I didn’t even manage to do hardly any sewing before I got pretty sick and spent the rest of the month recovering. However, I did start on one of the patterns and am now hard at work on several more patterns. Follow along on Instagram or Facebook for behind the scenes peeks!

One thought on “April Handmade Wardrobe Goals

  1. I made 1 thing from Seamwork so far. I am tempted to make the cropped sweater from this month’s issue but it is hot hear already. Good luck with your plans!

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