Welcome to Day 1 of the Rosaline Sew-Along: Choosing Fabrics

choosing fabricsChoosing Fabrics:

I wanted to start out the sew-along with picking out your fabric for your “Rosaline”. This pattern is designed for knits. You will want to use stable knits especially with the horseshoe neckline (like a lovely ponte de roma). Another thing to keep in mind is to choose a knit with at least 2-5% spandex which will provide a good recovery to the finished garment after wearing and washing.

For the scoop neckline you can really use most knits to create your “Rosaline” like: a double knit, sweater knits, cotton jersey, sweatshirt knits, etc.

Fabric Weight: Light-weight to medium weight knit fabrics are ideal for the scoop neckline, shirt and creating summer ready dresses. Medium to heavy weight knit fabrics will work best for the horseshoe neckline along with winter ready shirts and dresses.

I also like to use a 2 way stretch (stretches horizontally, but not vertically) that way the “Rosaline” will hug your curves in all the right spots.

Here some of my favorite places to find knits from around the web right now:

Style Maker Fabrics

Wanderlust Fabrics

Girl Charlee

Spandex World

Since  “Rosaline” is packed with so many variations, you are able to create many different looks simply from the fabrics that you choose. Here are some ideas to get you started that I mocked up in illustrator:

technicals with fills

You can really take this pattern in so many directions depending on the fabric you choose: summery, feminine, classical, nautical, or a walk on the wild side! Part 2 of the Sew-Along will be on Thursday, March 12th and we will be choosing your style and printing out the pattern.

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