“Rosaline” Pattern Tester Photo Round Up

rosaline testers

I am so excited to share my testers versions of “Rosaline” today. This is one pattern where I really couldn’t wait to see which combinations the testers picked. Since “Rosaline” is packed with so many variations, it was really interesting to see the way my testers mixed and matched the pattern. In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the variations that they chose.

One of the first completed “Rosalines” that arrived in my inbox was from Annie over at the from from The Enantiomer Project which I immediately became obsessed with in a matter of seconds. I love the red fabric she choose for her shirt length, scoop neckline with the long sleeves and cuffed version along with those awesome leggings. Her whole outfit is the perfect!

rosaline 3
Next up is Katie’s which I simply adore! The addition of tights and the scarf make it cold weather ready, but will still be completely wearable for the upcoming spring weather. For her version, she chose the dress length, scoop neckline with the 3/4 length sleeve and the printed knit fabric keeps it looking classic.

rosaline testers 1

For the third version, Melissa from Rebel & Malice did an astounding job with her “Rosaline” in a dress length.  She went with the horseshoe neckline and the cap sleeve in this awesome zig-zag printed knit (I love this fabric a ton, I am such a print addict!). This dress seems ready for summer and the addition of the belt was a wonderful idea.


Ultimately, my favorite thing about each one of my tester’s “Rosaline’s” is the fact that each garment suits their unique style. Nothing makes me more ecstatic! Thanks again to these awesome testers for taking there time to try out my newest pattern 🙂

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