Right now…end of March edition

  loving // that the weather is starting to warm up and I am busy making some plans for the garden as soon as I am all healed up from a little minor surgery I had this week. I am going to get out there get a little vitamin D and plant a flower cutting garden. 

finishing // writing out a giant to-do list for all the millions of things that I need to get done. 

sewing // hardly anything, next week I am planning on logging some major time in the studio working on new patterns. 

drafting // the next couple of patterns that I am working on, which will be awesome for summer

obsessing // over cooking shows, I can’t wait to incorporate some new dishes into my menus. 

craving // some new fabric for my patterns that I am working on. I am going to be ordering some new stuff this week 🙂 

reading // my monthly magazines and blogs 

writing // plans for a few of my goals that I am working on and a couple of projects that are in the works. 

baking // a whole lot of nothing! 

watching //  so many shows and movies since I have been pretty sick for the last few weeks.

creating // a rough draft of our wedding invitations and getting the wedding to-do list 🙂 

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