I Sewed it, Now What!? Laurelhurst from Straight Stitch Designs

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to test the latest pattern from Straight Stitch Designs for the Lauralhurst Cardigan.  I loved the style and plus it was a really quick sew! I knew it would be a great tie in to my handmade wardrobe especially with the transitioning weather.   I made my version out of some mid-weight sweater rib knit and all I did to finish the raw edges was to over-lock/serge it. Sometimes just a simple over-locked edge is just perfect.  I have l already worn it several times including in some “engagement” photos we had taken a few weeks ago.


  • The way the front drapes
  • It was a quick afternoon sew which is always gratifying to finish something up the same day that you start it.
  • The fit


  • I should have made the sleeves a little longer. I love when sleeves scrunch up!

Otherwise, I really enjoyed sewing this up and will probably make a couple more to rotate into my capsule wardrobe.

    IMG_0600.JPG The Details

Size // 16

Modifications // serged the raw edges

Fabric // random knit in a clearance pile, it was a lucky find!

Pattern // Laurelhurst from Straight Stitch Designs

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