Day 7 of the Rosaline Sew-Along: Sewing Side Seams and Hemming

Well, our “Rosaline” is almost ready to wear! All we have left is to finish up our side seams and hem. Start by placing you garment right sides together aligning your side seams and the under part of the sleeve. sideseams1Place pins down the sleeve and side seam. sideseams2Continue pinning until you reach the bottom of the side seams. sideseams3Sew or serge your side seams and sleeve with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Repeat process with the other side. sideseams4Now onto hemming, For this version I choose to use my coverstitch machine. However, in the instructions there are other ways to hem. 

For the coverstitch version or double needle, press the hem up 1″.hemming1Use pins to secure and then using the cover stitch machine to sew the hem. You can also use a double needle to create the same look as a coverstitch, or simply sew around the hem twice leaving an 1/8″ space between the stitching lines. hemming2Repeat the process on your sleeves and now you are ready to rock your “Rosaline”! 

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