Day 3 of the Rosaline Sew-Along: Cutting Out and Sewing Shoulder Seams

Today we are going to start out by getting our “Rosaline” cut out of our fabric. Using the diagrams below as a guide for cutting out your pieces. You will also need to cut out your 1 3/4″ x 28″ strip. Look at your pattern pieces for grain line and direction of greatest stretch locations. *Make sure to mark your center and front of sleeve notches. 

Cutting Out:

cutting diagrams     Once you have your pieces cut out of your fabric it’s time to start sewing our “Rosaline” together. Begin by placing your front and back bodice pieces right sides together, matching the shoulder seams. Sew or serge shoulders with a 1/2″ seam allowance. *You can use a server for almost all of the construction or complete your entire “Rosaline” on your standard sewing machine. I recommend using the stretch stitch that sort or looks like a lightning bolt and mock overlooking your raw seam allowance edges. shoulderseams That’s where we are going to stop for today, next up will be our necklines. 

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