Day 2 of the Rosaline Sew-Along: Choosing Your Style & Printing Your Pattern

An easy way to pick your variation of your “Rosaline” is to follow the chart below and writing down the option you picked for each one (there is a spot on the bottom of page 4 of your instructions for writing down your chosen options) or if you need some inspiration check out my “Rosaline” Styling Ideas board over on Pinterest before making your choices. choosing your style After you have your version picked, head to page 5 of your instructions and look at the printing table to print the pieces you need for your pattern. If you are printing your version at the copy shop you will have all pieces printed on one sheet of wide format paper. If you are printing at home you will refer to the following chart for printing your necessary pieces:printing tableYou can also choose to print everything (39 pages) or just what you need. After printing your pattern it’s is time to assemble. You can follow this tutorial for Assembling Your PDF Pattern. Tomorrow, we will start cutting out and doing a little sewing on our “Rosaline”.

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