Right now… Welcome February!

inspiration board

loving // how my inspiration board is coming together for the year. I love cutting, pasting, and making old school collages and mood boards for the studio.

finishing // up the last little bit of pattern tweaks for the “Rosaline” pattern. I am just so close on this one, hopefully it will be in testing soon!

sewing // a few random projects, here and there. I have been working on a lot more computer stuff!

drafting // out this year’s valentine card which I need to get ready to send out later this week.

obsessing // over some big changes that are happening this month for kzjostudio! I can’t wait to share hint: a new site is coming soon!

wishing // that I knew a little bit more about websites. I should have paid a lot more attention during that class back in college…

reading // finished #girlboss, finally two book finishes last month!

writing // the biggest to-do list for this month, not sure how I am going to get this giant list completed before the end of the month. Also why did I pick the shortest month of the year to get so much done….!?

devouring // banana bread, yum!

baking // all sorts of random stuff… it provides a great way for me to de-stress.

watching // a bunch of random things.

creating // a new schedule this month for work. Here’s to a better plan.

listening // music in the car during carpool.

dreaming // of having the rest of the month go smoothly!

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